Spring Snow

Today the greater Denver Metro area experienced a freak blizzard that piled nearly 18″ of snow onto the city just hours after the sun had set on a perfectly sunny 72 degree day. For me, this is reason #1,245 why I moved to this city  – seriously. Some might say that weather oscillating between spring and winter in the span of 12 hours is bipolar, but I call it…balanced.

Anyways, today’s snowstorm provided the perfect setting for me to curl up on my couch and start this blog. I hope you’ll join me on my journey with my sweet hubby & mischievous pup as we work, play, ski, hike, camp, DIY, cook, run, bike, lift, renovate, and start a family.

Oh, and it’s going to be 50 degrees tomorrow. Ah, Colorado.


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