Waiting with Grace

When we first started trying to conceive, I overanalyzed my “two week wait” symptoms. Every. Single. Month. Nausea, headaches, breast tenderness, fatigue, lower back pain, twinges or slight cramping in my lower abdomen…they all had to be signs I was pregnant, right? RIGHT?  I was hyper-sensitive to everything going on with my body (and probably making up some of it), hoping and praying every month that I was pregnant. As the months went by I stopped trying to read into everything and just figured that if I stopped thinking that I was pregnant maybe I would actually get pregnant. 

I’m currently on cycle day (CD) 24 of our eleventh month trying to conceive, and I’m anxiously counting down the days until my next cycle (for the first time in my life!)  Given my confirmed diagnosis of a unicornuate uterus, we’re moving forward with TTC via IUI, and while it’s not the spontaneous way I envisioned conceiving, if it helps us bring a little baby into this world I am all about it.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to focus on me, and on my sweet hubby.

Eating right. Keeping my stress low. Getting good exercise. Staying prayerful, positive, spontaneous, and grounded. Just making sure we’re the best versions of ourselves before we do get pregnant, however many more months that may take. 

Now that the weather’s getting warm, we’ll be doing more projects outside in the garden and backyard, hiking, starting to plan camping trips, etc. I hope to occupy my mind, heart, and soul with some of these fun activities while we keep trying for a little baby. 


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