Fertility Tests: BFP!!!

Well, IUI #1 was four weeks ago, and since then I’ve been slammed with work projects, traveled back east for my brother’s college graduation, traveled to Texas for business and a long weekend, and in the midst of all of that, got my first ever BFP!! If you’re not a native to infertility talk, BFP stands for Big Fat Positive. I am so excited to say that I am PREGNANT!

After the IUI, I did my very best to keep my mind off of the process by keeping busy with work. The travel plans I had sprinkled in took up part of the two week wait which was really nice, though I was nervous about the potential stress and fatigue that the travel would have on my body. 

With the Pregnyl shots I had to take on days 3, 6, and 9 post IUI, I couldn’t take a pregnancy test without getting a false positive until 8 days after the last shot left my system. If you don’t know me, I’m not exactly a patient person. I really didn’t think I could wait 8 days without knowing, and I was going to be traveling on the date I could officially test so didn’t have the option of getting beta blood work done earlier, so I decided to do something really unconventional: I tested the Pregnyl (hCG) out of my system by taking a pregnancy test every day starting from the day after my last Pregnyl shot. (Don’t worry, I just used the cheap Wondfo test strips that cost $1 each.) My theory was that if the test line got lighter each day, it was the Pregnyl leaving my system, but that if it got darker each day it would mean my own body was making hCG, which would mean I’d gotten pregnant.

Well, my theory worked. The test line actually stayed the same for the first several days after my last shot, and on the day that I was “due” to test (the day after Mother’s Day!) my test line got darker. Significantly darker. It’s so funny because I’d never seen double lines on a pregnancy test before this little experiment, and since I knew I’d be seeing double lines in the first few days after my last Pregnyl shot, seeing a “real” positive after all of that was extremely surreal. Almost unbelievable. The funny thing is that I was in my childhood home the Monday morning I got my BFP, as that was the weekend I’d flown to Virginia for my brother’s college graduation. I was up at 5 AM that Monday to head straight to Texas for a work trip. I couldn’t believe it. Yet, I knew it was true. I was in such shock that I told my family (who was aware of the whole situation) that I needed to re-test on Tuesday to be sure. I wanted to be cautiously optimistic I guess!?

Well, I definitely had a twinkle in my eye the whole way to Texas. I had this sweet little secret and not even my husband knew about it yet! Well, after almost four hours on a plan I got to Texas and immediately blabbed to my roommate (one of my best friends and sweet coworkers, Jamie) and tried to wrap my head around the situation. Since I was going to be in Texas the rest of the week and couldn’t wait to tell Kevin the news, I’d already devised a plan before I left Colorado to tell him I was pregnant (I just had a feeling I’d get a BFP – I can’t explain it!) so now I just had to set that plan in motion after Monday’s work activities wrapped up. But that reveal will get it’s own blog post! 

I also plan to document weekly changes in terms of symptoms, food aversions/cravings, body changes, doctor’s appointments, emotions, and anything else that seems relevant at the time. I am so excited and overjoyed to be pregnant, and am praying fervently every day that this pregnancy is uneventful, that both me and this sweet little baby stay healthy, and that this chapter is a blessed time.


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