We’re Pregnant: How I Told My Husband

There are whole articles online dedicated to sharing ideas about how to tell your husband that you’re pregnant. Believe me, I read all of them in hopes of finding something memorable and meaningful, but I was at a loss. Most were way too cheesy for my taste (for example, put a literal bun in your literal oven and have your husband check the oven when he gets home from work. No. Just no.) Others were lackluster (put your positive pregnancy test in a gift box. No. I’m not putting a stick I peed on in a gift box. There was also the slight complication that I was going to be traveling for work on the day I could test, and since we had an IUI my husband knew the exact date I was supposed to test. I couldn’t get away with waiting, nor would I have been able to contain myself for four days until I saw him next.

So, I decided to do something unique to us. Since the IUI, Kevin had taken (totally of his own accord) to asking me “is there a jellybean in there!?” It was the cutest thing. So I decided to play off of that theme. You know those giant jars of jelly beans that Costco sells? I bought one. I liked the idea of the dramatic effect of Kevin unwrapping a huge container of jelly beans instead of a tiny personal-sized bag… though I guarantee you that we’re going to have stale leftover jelly beans in our pantry for the next five years. #worthit

Anyways, I wrapped up the giant jar of jelly beans and stuck them in the what-would-be nursery closet, which I knew Kevin would have no reason to get into unless I asked him to. I figured, if I didn’t get a BFP that week, I could quietly hide the wrapped bag elsewhere until I needed it.

Well, after I got my BFP on Monday morning I had to travel from Virginia to Texas for work and spent the afternoon and evening with my colleagues, doing everything in my power to contain this little secret that I couldn’t share yet. When I was finally able to retire to my room, I remembered that Kevin had a volleyball game on Monday night and he was right in the middle of it. Shoot. I had to wait until almost 11 PM Texas time to reach him. It was an excruciating wait!

I texted him around the time I figured he’d be getting home from volleyball and asked if I could FaceTime him. I knew he’d know that something was up because we NEVER FaceTime, let alone communicate with great frequency when I’m traveling for business. As luck would have it, my connection was poor and so the video feed of me was frozen for our whole call. This enabled me to record Kevin’s reaction on my phone (I was FaceTiming from my iPad) without him being suspicious. I’m so glad I captured that moment on video.

After a few minutes of chit-chat, I told Kevin that I thought I’d left something I intended to bring to Texas in the nursery closet. 

This was how the conversation went:

Kev: “What am I looking for again?”

Me: “Um, it’s in a wrapped bag on the shelf. Do you see it?”

Kev: “I think so. Does the bag have leaves on it?”

Me: “Yep – you know what, why don’t you just go ahead and open it.”

Kev: “Is it for me?”

Me: I totally should have said YES but I didn’t have this scripted, so I said, “Well, I meant to bring it to Texas!”

Kevin proceeded to untie a bow I had on the bag and pulled out a massive container of jelly beans.

Kev: “It’s JELLY BEANS! …What does this mean!? …..Is there a jelly bean?”

Me: (giggling) “Maybe!” (I still needed to get blood work done to confirm so I didn’t want to be too affirmative just yet.)

Kev: “Maybe???”

Me: “All signs point to yes! You figured that out fast!” 

Kev: “Well I was wondering! I didn’t know if it was good or bad that I hadn’t heard from you today. …Oh wow, that’s awesome babe” Kevin lifted the container of jelly beans up close beside his face so I could see them in the FaceTime screen. Grinning, he said, “There’s a lot of colors in here. I’m not sure which one ours will be!”

Me: Laughter.

Yes, it was definitely still corny, but it played on a little theme that was personal to us. Kevin got it right away. The rest of the FaceTime call he had a goofy ear-to-ear grin on his face. It was really sweet.


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