We’re Pregnant: First Trimester Symptoms

Everyone has different pregnancy symptoms, but I wanted to document mine (in true Type A personality style) so I can (hopefully) be better prepared for what to experience in future pregnancies.

Before BFP: Nothing noticeable.

Within days of BFP: I noticed I was quite a bit more hungry. I was LOADING my plate at each meal and still getting hunger pangs in between meals. In the back of my mind I knew I wasn’t “supposed” to need any extra calories during the first trimester, but the hunger was SO real I couldn’t ignore it. I just listened to my body.

Cravings: None. Aversions: None

Week 5: In addition to being more hungry, I started to get super drowsy between 3-5 PM to the point that I had to take naps a couple of times during that week. 

Cravings: Bananas, beef, and Doritos – which I eat maybe once every two years. So strange! Aversions: Chicken. Barf.

Week 6: My reproductive endocrinologist recommended that I start taking a Crinone (progesterone) supplement after I got blood work back on Week 5, Day 4 that indicated, despite my very high beta hCG (18,000!!!), my progesterone was at 17. Everything I’ve read indicates that normal progesterone levels in the first tri are from 10-29 ng/mL but I guess my RE didn’t want to take any chances. He apparently likes it “over 20.” After this conversation and frankly, being pressured into using it, I started the Crinone…and my symptoms got really wacky. Breast tenderness started within 48 hours, and my insatiable hunger turned into queasiness throughout the day – it’s a gross feeling of being simultaneously starving despite the facts that basically all foods make me nauseous. I got sick twice during week 6. The daytime tiredness hasn’t been as bad, but I’m ready for bed by 9 PM.

Cravings: Beef, Doritos, lemonade. Aversions: Chicken. It just sounded slimy and awful.

Week 7: Nausea in the evenings & tiredness are par for the course. I wake up nauseated too, but have found that I can manage that by drinking a massive glass of chocolate milk right before bed. We had our first ultrasound this week (7w3d) and saw the little flickering heart beat (156 bpm) on the screen. Oh my goodness!

Cravings: Fruit. Chocolate milk. Aversions: Chicken, veggies.

Week 8: Almost identical to week 7, though the nausea on two days this week were really bad. One day I barely got off the couch after work and was in bed by 8 PM. I have discovered that if I take my prenatal vitamins at night just before bed I can stave off some of the evening nausea (I’ve always taken my vitamins right after getting home from work and think this regimen is a causal factor of the evening nausea). I’ve also started bloating pretty significantly throughout the day and by nightfall I have a hilarious little belly. It goes away by the morning, but it’s a fun teaser of what I’ll look like once I actually start showing.

Cravings: Fruit – ALL the fruit!! My cravings have also been slightly more sweet than salty this week, I think in part because I’ve realized that my nausea is partially caused by low blood sugar. I’ve had a couple of donuts this week when I hit a bad slump, and that sugar content picks me up almost instantly….I’ll try not to make a habit of that. Watered down juices and Gatorade are also staples. Chocolate milk every night. Aversions: Chicken and veggies still suck but I can manage them if they’re prepared well.

Week 9: My nausea has improved significantly. I woke up on the first day of week 9 and was amazed at how good I felt. I don’t know if it’s because my hormones are leveling out since the placenta should start taking over this week or if I have just gotten into a really good groove with food and timing, but I’ll take it! I still have to eat immediately after getting out of bed to avoid getting super nauseous and eat every two hours or so all day long, but as long as I do that I’m golden. Towards the end of the week I also started getting my energy back (knock on wood!) The last half of this week I got just 8 hours of sleep each night and woke up refreshed and ready to rev all day. I hope this keeps up. I had another ultrasound this week (9w5d) and we got to hear the heartbeat (170 bpm) for the first time!! The baby also has more of a defined shape now – you can distinctly see its head, body, and paddle-like hands and feet.

Cravings: Fruit, fruit, fruit. Bananas, cherries, strawberries, pineapple, and nectarines are my faves. Sweets are pretty tasty too. I may or may not have consumed an entire bag of peanut butter M&M’s throughout this week. Whoops. Milk hits the spot too. I’m averaging a little over a gallon a week by myself. Aversions: Pretty  much gone, praise the Lord! I had chicken twice this week and have upped my veggie game significantly.

Week 10: Zero nausea to speak of. If 3 weeks of morning sickness is really all I had to endure, I know I have it pretty good. I do still have to eat regularly every few hours in order to avoid feeling really crummy. I got one headache this week – the first memorable one all pregnancy. I think I got it because I didn’t take care to eat regularly enough that day. My workouts lagged weeks 6-9 due to nausea but I’m getting back into my normal routine which really helps with my energy levels.

Cravings: Fruit. Milk. Aversions: Nothing crazy, but certain veggies don’t taste good at all. Bell peppers specifically. Weird!

Week 11: One random morning of nausea. I ate a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and could not keep it down. After I got sick I felt 100% better. I’m postulating that my hormones might be readjusting with the placenta fully taking over? I am also weaning off of my Crinone medication this week. I’ll take it every other days this week and stop it completely at the start of week 12. I am so excited for that!! We had our 12 week ultrasound this week too (11w3d) and heard the heartbeat again (170 bpm!)  It was my first belly ultrasound (as opposed to transvaginal) and Kev & I were so amazed at how much this little baby has developed in just two weeks. His/her little hands and feet are no longer webbed and baby’s face has a distinct nose. Baby was super duper active during the ultrasound; kicking, punching, rolling, and somersaulting the whole time. Everything looks healthy and we are so excited! Apparently I’ve gained 8 pounds so far, which is well above to 0-5 pound weight gain anticipated during the first trimester, but overall I feel really good about the foods I’ve put in my body and my activity levels, so I’m not going to obsess over this.

Cravings: Nothing particular, though fruit and milk continue to be my favorite things. Aversions: Certain veggies at certain times. This week, zucchini and squash tasted great one day and made me gag the next. 

Week 12: Like week 11, I had one random morning of nausea, again after eating oatmeal for breakfast. I felt a little worse throughout the day after that bout but was back to normal the next day. On Day 6 of this week I had just a touch of clearish pink spotting on Saturday morning. I would have missed it if I hadn’t looked at the tissue. I knew that the cervix has a tendency to get a little irritated moving into the second trimester and that can cause very minor spotting, but I called the on-call Doctor at my OB (it was a Saturday) just for peace of mind. She was beyond unconcerned and told me to just keep an eye on it. I saw nothing after that so I’m not going to spend any time dwelling on it. Also notable this week – my pants are a bit uncomfortable now. I can’t button a couple of my favorite pairs so have taken to looping a hair tie through the button hole and around the button. It works great…but I’ll need to upgrade to maternity pants soon! I’m not showing yet, per say, but my waist has definitely thickened. By the end of each day I’m still bloating, which definitely gives me a small but distinctly baby-looking bump. 

Cravings & Aversions: Same as week 11.

Week 13: Heading into week 13 I feel pretty darn good. I bought my first pair of maternity shorts at the end of week 12 and am making good use of them in week 13. Oh my gosh are they comfortable. Kevin and I spent the end of week 12/start of week 13 on a long weekend trip in Crested Butte camping, paddle boarding on Lake Irwin, and doing light hiking around Mt. Gothic (elevations are around & above 10,000 feet here so we had to take it easy). We spent a lot of time on our hikes identifying wildflowers since this area of Colorado is known for its vast and diverse wildflower growth. The Crested Butte Wildflower Festival officially begins on Monday (the day we leave) so we were here at a perfect time to identify a ton of gorgeous flowers. My new favorites are Fairy Trumpets. They dot the subalpine hillsides here and add flecks of red to the vastly yellow and green landscape.

Cravings: Nothing new to report here, people. Fruit & milk are the best. Aversions: Same as weeks 11-12.


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